The Best Passionate Personal Career Online Development Forums

Passionate Personal Journey


Check out the video, it has some inspiring things to talk about!

Who are you and what’s your journey?

The top personal and career development discussion forum in the US is right here:

The site brings together people from all over the world to network, allowing members to talk about personal growth, and work together to create spiritual and business development workshops.

Allow me to back up. I’ve been gone for more than a year, but I am back to start blogging again about health related matters. That includes mental and spiritual health. I feel that personal improvement and forward thinking career planning is an essential part of becoming … more as a person.

So, I wanted to talk about and kind of give it a review.

As part of my own personal journey in life, I started looking through personal development forums in the US and the UK. It’s amazing how many there seem to be. (It’s also amazing how many seem to be total crap.) Coolaura isn’t like that. It’s run by a therapist named Malek Moqaddam. The site describes itself as “Life Coaching, Master Therapy & Personal consultations.” It’s a website about the Journey for Human potential.

online personal development tools

The site offers a lot of positive, emotional affirmations, like “Dear God Almighty, today I woke up, I’m healthy, I’m alive, I’m fine, thank you!” For those that aren’t so spiritually inclined, however there are more generic affirmations as well.

The site also contains a forum where people can interact with Malek, with others, and work on business, career issues, personal discovery, participate in online workshops and more.

It’s definitely worth the time to check out what I feel is one of the top online career development and personal growth sites. But, hey… growing as a person has become part of my personal journey.

It doesn’t have to be yours. But I think it should be.


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