Medical Devices: Trade Shows and Innovation

Asian Medical Device Trade Show

Copyright 2012, Written by Will Blesch

Step right up ladies and gents to two of Asia’s biggest trade shows dedicated to medical devices. According to the Focus Taiwan News channel, 440 top medical device companies have registered to run over 770 stalls at the Taiwan International Senior Lifestyle and Health Care Show, and the Taiwan International Medical and Health Exhibition.

The events are scheduled to begin June 14 and will run through the 17th.

As stated by Sue Lu, an official with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, “The highlight of the exhibitions will be innovative medical equipment such as an ultra-light wheelchair that weighs less than nine kilograms.” She went on to note that “A unique “experience zone” equipped with medical apparatus and instruments will be set up for interested members of the public.”

So, why is this interesting if you are not a member of the medical industry?

Well, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), Medical devices help to save and prolong life. For example, surgical instruments and anaesthetic equipment are needed for surgery procedures. Cancer is treated by radiotherapy units. Premature babies can be warmed with incubators. Medical devices also improve quality of life. Vision is improved with eyeglasses. The loss of a limb can be compensated by a prosthetic device. Haemodialysis machines replace kidney function.”

Something new and wondrous that could benefit patients all over the world could be invented at any moment…and these trade shows are just the place for top medical device companies to show off what they’ve developed so far.

Medical Device

However, no one realistically thinks that medicine and the medical devices used to help both doctors and patients cannot be improved upon.

“Improved awareness of the need for medical device innovation and the identification of safe and appropriate solutions are needed to meet health care needs and improve the performance of health systems in countries.”The WHO.

In other words, there is a constant need to improve product quality and dependability, shrink costs, improve patient safety, and hasten relevant medical devices to market.

Yet, according to the WHO, in high-resource nations (ala the USA and the EU in particular) one of the major challenges of medical device advancement has to do with reimbursement. For instance, the EU with its insurance-based-healthcare system has problems negotiating compensation for new medical technologies. In the U.S., a lack of government funding in general, combined with a lack of trained support staff is a major barrier to innovation.

Successful product design and development requires the ability to take an idea and translate that knowledge into useful, patentable, commercial products. I am sure that there are many scientists and smaller companies out there that are dying to get their ideas looked at and produced…they just can’t.

As with other fields in science and medicine, in my opinion there should be a widening of eligible criteria when it comes to funding which could allow individual scientists and smaller medical device companies to realistically compete with well established giants in order to pioneer and develop the next generation of ground-breaking medical devices.

That’s just my opinion. In the meantime, let’s check out these Asian Medical Device Trade Shows and see what’s being offered.

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