HPV Confessions (Are Women’s Mags Pushing an Agenda?)

Copyright 2012, Written by Will Blesch

Well, dear readers my pause has actually been a little more than a month rather than a mere week.

However, I am back!

As promised, this posting will look at some of the more popular women’s magazines in the U.S. and their coverage of any issue concerning the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) over the course of 2011.

Here’s the top five: “Women’s Health Magazine”, “Cosmopolitan”, “O, the Oprah Magazine”, “Glamour” and “Self”.

With titles like, “Would He Get an HPV Vaccination to Protect You?,”all of them pretty much touted the government line without doing any kind of journalistic digging. (What does one expect from magazines that are mostly built around fluff?) All of them that is, except for O, the Oprah Magazine.

O, at least had some material that was more for the thinking woman. This magazine had titles like “The HPV vaccination debate” and “You Might Be Able to Skip Your Pap Smear This Year.”
What does this mean? Why does it matter?

It means that the government’s line regarding HPV infection is strong, it’s constant, and it infiltrates all kinds of media.

The marketing message is this:

There’s an HPV epidemic! Women all over the place COULD get cervical cancer, and now, boys too can get oral and anal cancers due to HPV! You need to prevent it NOW…with the HPV vaccine.

The fact of the matter is that they neglect to tell you that 90% or people with an HPV infection will clear that infection naturally with NO medical intervention of any kind.

Moreover, the HPV burden of disease is largely in the male, homosexual community (I’m not making this up, it comes directly from the CDC.)

And, finally, the HPV vaccine is incredibly limited in the protection it is supposed to provide!

Bottom line, intelligent women need to do some of their own digging and should never rely on popular, commercial magazines for their health info.

Will Blesch is a freelance copywriter, professional blogger and media professional. If you’re looking for an experienced copywriter to take on a project, (ranging from full product launches to ghostwriting your organization’s blog) please get in touch and tell me how I can help.

will AT willblesch DOT com


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