A Week-Long Pause

Copyright 2012, Written by Will Blesch

Dang! I didn’t realize this week would end up being so busy. It was actually a knockout though.

I know I promised an article talking about the leading Womens Health Magazines and what their coverage of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil (or Cervarix) was like over 2011. Sadly, my research is not complete. I have a ton of excuses…most of them legitimate.

However, I won’t bore you with the details except to say…I shot two commercials this past week and have been kept busy with some writing work for a particular client. The commercials are being edited now, and once they are complete I am sure I’ll have some links for anyone interested in seeing them.

(And hey…yeah you! If you think you might need some PR, commercial, or copywriting work done…listen, I do outstanding work. You should get in touch. Really. If I can fit you in to my schedule, I’m always looking to work with great, new people and companies!)

Anyway! Please bear with me, the article on Womens Health Magazines and their coverage during 2012 of the HPV vaccine IS coming as promised.

This is just a pause before the storm. 😉



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