Planned Parenthood Advocate Gets HPV Vaccine Info DEAD Wrong

Copyright 2011, Written by Will Blesch

I just found out that Anna, the blogger who had challenged me yesterday is actually a blogger with Planned Parenthood: Advocates of Arizona.

I took a look at her blog found HERE…and noticed that she is posting supposed  facts which are facts, and facts which are…well…less than fact and more like outright misinformation. (I’m being charitable.)

I took a small selection from her posting on the HPV vaccine, Gardasil and that you can read in its entirety by clicking on the link above, and posted the REAL facts.

I’ve also cited my sources (which are authoritative by the way.)

Anna says:

“Myth: The HPV vaccine has caused death in some of its recipients.

Fact: While some people have died after receiving the vaccine, their deaths were not caused by it.”

Although she cites the CDC in this instance, she neglects to mention that while the CDC supposes that there is no relationship between HPV vaccination and these peoples’ deaths, a government watchdog group called Judicial Watch has uncovered 26 NEW deaths recorded by the FDA in relation to Gardasil vaccination between September 1, 2010 through September 15, 2011. You can read the entire report HERE:

Anna says: “Myth: There is human papillomavirus DNA in Gardasil.

Fact: Gardasil consists of empty protein shells. The infectious portions of HPV’s genetic code are not involved in its manufacture.”

She then cited which is apparently a blog maintained by a number of medically trained scientists. You can read the particular posting she cites HERE:

However, the blog she cited as well as her own posting are completely false!

Here’s what the FDA says (and although I myself am critical of the FDA, still I am sure most will consider the FDA more authoritative than a medical blog):

The presence of DNA fragments is expected in Gardasil and not evidence of contamination.” And “Gardasil does contain recombinant HPV L1-specific DNA fragments, but these are not contaminants.” – FDA

You can read all the FDA’s info on DNA in the Gardasil vaccine HERE:

Thus, if you want to be factual, you must admit that Gardasil DOES contain rDNA (genetically engineered DNA) from the HPV virus.

  • Myth: Cervical cancer is a relatively rare cancer whose rates have been declining for decades. Therefore, the vaccine is unnecessary.

Fact: Cervical cancer rates have been declining among women with access to Pap tests, but cervical cancer remains a leading cause of death in other parts of the world.”

Actually, The fact of the matter is that there are over 76,751,637 women in America. Only 12,000 will be diagnosed with cervical cancer, and of those, an estimated 4,000 will die.

That’s 0.02% (rounded up) diagnosed with cervical cancer. Of that number, 33.3% will die. That’s 0.005% of the numbers of HPV infected women in America.

Obviously, just one person dying is too many. However, you can see from the numbers that HPV caused cervical cancer deaths are extremely low.

Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says:

“In 90% of cases, the body’s immune system clears HPV naturally within two years.” – CDC

So again, I ask you…why the crazed push for EVERY boy and girl to get the Gardasil shot? Re-read some of my other blog postings.

I think the answer is obvious.

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One Comment on “Planned Parenthood Advocate Gets HPV Vaccine Info DEAD Wrong”

  1. John Wagoner says:

    Here is my take on Cervical Cancer Vaccines:

    There are several assumptions about HPV vaccines and their ability to protect against cervical cancer that are suspect, namely: that the HPV vaccine is effective, safe, necessary; that there are no alternatives; that there are no uncertainties; that the manufactures and regulators are worthy of trust and of course would accept liability for their actions; that any harm to individuals would be offset by the gain of the greater good; that the makers are more motivated by altruistic concerns for society than profit.


    Merck, the manufacture of Gardasil has been forbidden by the FDA to market this vaccine as a anti cervical cancer vaccine. It is marketed as a vaccine for HPV. There are no clinical trials which would establish efficacy as a treatment for cervical cancer. Why ? Because a clinical trial would take decades . as Girls inoculated with the vaccine would have to be tracked though about age 60, as cervical cancer does not show up early. Any claim that the HPV vaccine is a cervical cancer vaccine is based on ignorance, or gross speculation.


    In 2009, Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in HPV at University of Minnesota Gynecological Cancer Prevention Group went on record stating that the rate of serious adverse reactions to the HPV vaccines was greater than the rate of cervical cancer. These reactions include death ( so far over 60 reported ) and permanent sever disabilities ( over 300 reported ) ( numbers are for the U.S. ) In other words, there are more problems caused by the vaccine than cervical cancer. Treatment of cervical cancer, according to the CDC, has a success rate of about 75 percent. There is no known treatment for death caused by this vaccine.

    The affect of this vaccine on fertility is unknown, and likewise, it is unknown if this vaccine itself could cause cancer in humans.

    Testing a potential partner for STD is an alternative not generally suggested. There is an assumption that HPV infections are inevitable.


    In the last 25 years, one quarter of all pharmaceutical products have been recalled. Why ? Because they either kill people or are ineffective. Take Merck’s Vioxx for example. Vioxx was allowed to be on the market for five years, killing at least 35 thousand people. That is about 3 times the death rate for cervical cancer. Promoting unnecessary, costly vaccines is a great business plan for Merck because unlike their drugs, they cannot be sued for problems ( death and disability ) caused by vaccines ( thanks to our government ). Now we are supposed to trust Merck and the government that the deaths associated with HPV vaccines are purely coincidental ? Does the Leopard change its Spots ?


    Just say no the the unproven, unsafe, and unnecessary HPV vaccines that are promoted to be cervical cancer cures. Taking an unproven cure from a disease that may be occur thirty five years later is unprecedented. Why risk death and disability of the youth ? This promotion of the HPV vaccine as a ‘cure ‘ for cervical cancer assumes there will be no advancements in medicine in the next thirty five years, so go with this risky, unproven treatment we have today. This is pure nonsense.

    I think its ironic, that the mainstream medical industry holds the double blind, controlled clinical trial as the gold standard for proving efficacy, and would condemn any alternative that doesn’t provide this scientific testing ( and a list of ingredients ) as snake oil or quack medicine, but does not hold the HPV vaccines to the same standard.

    There is much more to this story. Google “Medical journal openly questions science, ethics of HPV vaccinations” for more info.

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