Mutated Bird Flu: Are Scientists Being Foolish?

Copywrite 2011, Written by Will Blesch

It is amazing to me that the U.S. government should need to ask scientific journals not to publish details concerning experiments in which scientists mutated a deadly, but usually not transmissible flu virus into a highly transmissible form.

The research is under review for publication in the journal Science.

What is even more amazing is that scientists actually felt the need to conduct a dangerous experiment like this in the first place. How irresponsible can a group of people get? The supposed benefits do not outweigh the dangers…particularly when we live in an age where technology and information is somewhat easily come by and evil people have the means combined with the desire to come by it.

If a U.S. biosecurity panel had to ask that details of the experiments be kept secret for security reasons, one should ask if the experiments were necessary to begin with.

Scientists said: “In the laboratory, it was possible to change H5N1 into an aerosol transmissible virus that can easily be rapidly spread through the air. This process could also take place in a natural setting.”

Basically, scientists didn’t want to wait around and see if the natural bird flu virus would mutate on its own.

Instead, they wanted to beat nature to the punch supposedly in order to develop a treatment in case the virus ever does mutate into transmissible, aerosol form.

The question is, who says that the virus actually would mutate into such a form. Just because it “might” doesn’t mean that it will. More to the point, even if it did mutate into a transmissible, aerosol form…who says that form would be exactly like that engineered by these scientists?

Now, they have to protect their work so that crazy freaks won’t get their hands on the data.

To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park,… “Just because you can genetically engineer something doesn’t mean you should.”

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2 Comments on “Mutated Bird Flu: Are Scientists Being Foolish?”

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  2. Barley Green says:

    Ola! Connectwithwellness,
    Very interesting, If you think our healthcare system has problems now, how do you think it will fare in the event of a bird flu pandemic? Avian influenza is currently not spread by person-to-person contact. Since 2003, 165 people worldwide have contacted bird flu and about 88 of those people have died. Those individuals all had close contact with infected birds. Scientists fear that it is only a matter of time before the virus mutates into a form that can be spread by human contact. When that happens it could spread around the world within weeks or months. Governments around the world are scrambling to find solutions to prevent that from happening. Antivirals such as Tamiflu are being stockpiled. Current inventory may only cover about 20% of the population or less. If a pandemic breaks out, those stockpiles would quickly dwindle. New antivirals would take 6 months to get into high volume production and distributed to those who need it.
    Keep up the posts!

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