Top Secret! Muscle Building Foods You Gotta Devour

Copyright 2011, Written by Will Blesch

Continuing on with my muscle building series,  you should know that muscle building foods are a necessity if your goal is to build muscle quickly and efficiently. It’s not all about working out…it’s also about taking the right foods in.

So what, exactly are these super foods? These pinncalles of the muscle building food pyramid?

Well, eggs are one of them. Yes indeed…the chicken or the egg? It’s the egg. Why? Because eggs are a protein (most of the nutrients are in the yolk) and proteins have a higher thermic effect than fats and carbs.

Another of these super muscle building foods is nuts. Consuming nuts is great for the skinny guy who wants to pack on muscle because they are packed full of calories. Plus, they are full of vitamins and minerals.

Meat. Oh yes. Eat hearty me bucko!

Similar to eggs you need red meat as part of your muscle building foods because of the protein content. Red meat is also a great source for a myriad of vitamins and minerals including iron, vitamin B12, zinc and more. Caveat: Stay away from meat that comes from ranches that shoot their cattle up with all kinds of hormones. It’s bad news. Remember to try your best to eat organically raised beef!

Two words: Fat loss.

Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc. They’re good roughage for your guts, and they really do help one to lose the fat weight.

Here’s a hint: when you are done with a workout…eat some tomato paste together with olive oil. These two in combination (hey…make a good spread and put it on toast together with a spice called Zatar…pretty yummy!) are great at fighting cancer, and should be added to your post workout, muscle building foods. You know you’re gonna feel hungry.

Go for what’s healthy!


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