The Best Lean Muscle Building Foods Ever!

copyright 2011, written by Will Blesch

I thought I would start writing a series of articles regarding getting in shape and building muscle. I’ve admittedly not been the best about any of this…but, I am aiming to change my ways. One of the first things I want to know then (and you should too) is, “what are the best lean muscle building foods?”

That’s right. The best lean muscle building foods ever will help you get the physique you are aching for. So, let’s get down to it shall we?

Every guy on the planet wants (or should want) to look good on the beach.

Hot guys get hot girls, and who doesn’t want hot girls hitting on THEM instead of the other way around? Right? Of course, right.

But, to get that physique you have to eat the right meals in the right proportions and you have to combine the best lean muscle building foods with the best workout moves to get the best results.

That’s just the way it is.

If you want that, as any healthy, normal guy should…you have to eat like this:

Stop with the potato chips all the time! And other junk food too. Just say “no.” At least, back off will ya? That also includes processed foods. Instead, begin to choose whole foods. Most peoples’ bodies are aching to be in shape…for most you can SEE the outline of a Michelangelo’s David beneath the fat layers…you just gotta chip away at the fat the way the artist chips away at the stone.

Eat often!

You don’t gotta pig out and eat everything in sight…but grazing all day, or eating every three or four hours in order to keep your insulin levels up and your metabolism running smoothly is a good idea.

When you eat protein, eat things like chicken, eggs, beef with the fat cut off, tofu, and other low-fat dairy products. These are some of the best lean muscle building foods ever!

Drink lots of water.

It’s tempting to drink almost anything else, but a constant supply of real H2O is better for your body than anything else. Your muscles need hydration…especially during and after a workout.

You still need fatty foods too although you shouldn’t let that fat come from processed foods. Nuts, cold water fish, and avocados are some good sources for this.

Make sure that you are keeping your vitamin levels up!

Remember, the best lean muscle building foods are those that are whole, natural foods. Even if you DON’T workout…a change in diet from processed foods (junk food) to those that are organically raised and farmed, can make you healthier and bring a moderate change in your physique all by itself.

For those interested in building lean muscle quickly and efficiently, I invite you to click the following link:

Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building


3 Comments on “The Best Lean Muscle Building Foods Ever!”

  1. micahkavros says:

    You have it exactly right man. What guy doesn’t want eyes all over them at the beach? hah Great post man. I’m actually working on getting into better shap and transforming my body. Would you mind checking it out? Thanks!


  2. Will Blesch says:


    I know I’m right. Now the trick is to get MYSELF to that place. LOL Time to hit up the gym as well as the laser hair removal joints. 😉

  3. Those foods can be found in our place and I think I need to start eating them. I always wanted to have a good muscle and have a good body.

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