Treatment for AIDS: Crucial Speech Given By Clinton


Copyright 2011, by Will Blesch

Everyone’s always talking about when there will be a new, effective treatment for AIDS.

Well, besides the new DRACO line of drugs being developed by the Massachusettes Institute of Technology, (which really sounds amazing, by the way) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is talking about ending the AIDS epidemic and creating an AIDS free generation.

(Because I am hyped on the DRACO thing, you can learn more about the DRACO line of drugs, here: )

While the ideas Mrs. Clinton is espousing don’t have much to do with one, super treatment for AIDS, these ideas have a lot to do with prevention combined with treatment.

Hillary said that “an AIDS-free generation is possible if the world makes the most of proven preventive interventions.” She said this on November 8th (yesterday) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.

She believes this is possible using three strategies in particular. First, by accelerating treatment for AIDS, then by ending transmission of HIV from mothers to children, and finally by broadening the numbers of men who voluntarily have a circumcision.

Much of these preventive efforts are focused on sub-saharan Africa because over 70% of AIDS and AIDS related deaths occur in this area. Treatment for AIDS is still relatively expensive, and this is one of the world’s poorest locations.

Creating an AIDS-free generation “is possible because of scientific advances largely funded by the United States and new practices put in place by this administration and our many partners,” Clinton said. “While the finish line is not yet in sight, we know we can get there, because now we know the route we need to take.”

I think this is really commendable…and I also think it’s the right route to take. There has been enough suffering and heartache due to the virus that causes AIDS.

The goal of an AIDS free world is a worthy one, and it’s one I’d like to see achieved in my lifetime.


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