Here’s Your Chance To Grab Limited Private Label Rights To 10 Fresh & New PLR Articles!

copyright 2011, by Will Blesch

Once more into the breach, dear friends!

Well, before I go back to talking about health, I want you to be the first to grab this PLR content package that includes ten, fresh articles on Affiliate Marketing.

You’ll discover PLR content coming from is high quality, and exclusive. It’s called PLR Prestige. And, it’s just begun. The very first article package is now live and ready for you to add it to your website, auction site, as an addition to a paid product, etc. New packages are being developed and every two weeks, a new package will be made available. Each package will feature a different subject.
If you’re tired of unexceptional PLR content, you can now get great content that’s both PLR, and exclusive. Thats where the prestige part comes in.

Quality and exclusivity!

You’ll find PLR content packages you can use on any sites that you own, in ebooks, reports and ezines, and in autoresponders. You can certainly put your own name on the content. However, the only restriction is that you can’t sell the content again as a PLR package, or give it away as a PLR package.

You’re guaranteed exclusivity.  Only limited numbers of any PLR package will ever be sold.

Although the PLR packages are priced reasonably, ($10.00 for 10 articles is reasonable, wouldn’t you say?) they’re only being sold in limited numbers, so they stay exclusive.  Most PLR content’s available to untold numbers of people, but that won’t be the case here – sales are topped at 200.

Since people use content in many different ways, it’s unlikely that you will find YOUR new content elsewhere online.

So if you’ve been wary of PLR content because of content duplication, you can rest easy.

Copies are LIMITED!

Claim Your PLR License Now at a Huge Savings…

This affiliate marketing PLR package is being sold dirt cheap at $10 because the author genuinely has other projects that pay more, and that take much more of his time. But, he’s made sure that you are getting a good deal.

Who can beat $10.00 for exclusive content?

To place your secure risk-free order via PayPal, just go to, and click PLR Prestige. Then hit the order button for instant access worldwide 24 hours a day…

Remember that ONLY 200 sets of this first Affiliate Marketing PLR package will ever be sold!


Hurry and Order Now


(99 Sets Left)

– Looking forward to providing you with great content:

`Will Blesch


License Terms:

[YES] Can be packaged.
[YES] Can be offered as a FREE bonus to a paid product.
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites.
[YES] Can be added through membership sites.
[YES] Private Label Rights
[YES] May add your name as the author
[NO] Sell Resell Rights
[NO] Sell Master Resell Rights

[NO] Sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Give away free (including adding to free membership sites).
[NO] Include in Nickel or Dime sales
[NO] Claim copyright
[NO] Sell in Warrior Forum (Websites For Sale, Classified, Sponsor, or other)


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