New PLR Content Package with Ten Affiliate Marketing Articles Fresh From

Copywrite 2011, by Will Blesch

I normally only post health related articles to my blog, but since I am launching a new product on my business website, I decided to make a rare plug for it here.

There is a new PLR Content package featuring ten, fresh and entirely exclusive affiliate marketing articles being sold at

One of the biggest obstacles marketers on the Internet face in growing their online businesses today is creating or finding good, high-quality web content.

That’s why I have just begun offering exclusive private label rights content. At you’ll find great niche content for Websites, Ezines, And blogs. In fact, certain packages are completely SEO optimized!

But what exactly is PLR content , or Private Label Rights Content ?

Normally, it is any content ranging from E-books, Reports, or Website content that Internet Marketers or Web Masters can put their name on and use as their own.

Although at present extremely limited, at there is no unexceptional PLR content. All content provided for sale is entirely exclusive.

It’s called PLR Prestige.

All article packages feature both quality and exclusivity! That’s where the prestige comes in. Only limited numbers of any PLR package will ever be sold.

Right now, there is one new Affiliate Marketing package.

It features ten, brand-new articles that can be used on any sites that a marketer or Web Master owns, in ebooks, reports and ezines, and in autoresponders. The only restriction is that one cannot sell the content again as a PLR package, or give it away as a PLR package.

Although the PLR packages are priced reasonably, I am only selling them in limited numbers, so they stay exclusive. Most PLR content’s available to untold numbers of people, but that won’t be the case here -sales are topped at 200.

Since people use content in many different ways, it’s unlikely that if bought, an Internet marketer or Webmaster will find his or her new content elsewhere online.

In each PLR Prestige article package you receive:

•Five or more niche articles (the number of articles is stated on the pack.) Article formats in: MS Word, plain text, and HTML.

•Money-making keywords for that particular niche, keywords on which people are making money right now. How do I know that people are making money on these keywords? Because they’re advertising using these keywords. You’ll see how many ads are running on Google, and on Yahoo Search Marketing, and you can check out the CURRENT ads for yourself. This will give you ideas on how to optimize your pages for the best results.

Packages Currently Available:

“Affiliate Article Package 1”

* 10 articles ( Affiliate Marketing) – All SEO Optimized

This article package is priced at $20.00. That’s just $2.00 per article!

Look for more PLR article packages from Will Blesch, as well as PLR ebooks and reports – all top quality, and all limited in distribution.

To learn more about the PLR Packages available and to see which subjects are in development, please visit:!plr-prestige



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