Fish Pedicures Anyone?

Written by Will Blesch

Copywrite, 2011

Apparently fish pedicures are in! This fad which started in Asia has more than a few women here in America intrigued.

However, it also has some health officials worried. According to an article by John Geoghegan, published in The Mail online, “The government’s Health Protection Agency said those with diabetes, psoriasis or a weak immune system are particularly vulnerable and should not take part in the beauty craze at all.”

That’s because there are fears that the water used in the foot bath/fish feeding trough can be contaminated from user to user. In fact, viral diseases especially, including HIV and Hepatitis could potentially be transmitted if certain safety protocols are not followed.

The water itself needs to be changed in-between each user, but there’s no way to completely sterilize the fish which eat the dead skin off of one’s feet and toes without killing the fish. So…what to do?

“A spokeswoman for HIV charity the Terrence Higgins Trust said: ‘The risk of picking up infections is minimal but people must be careful where they choose to go.’”

Still, these health concerns have caused officials in Texas, Florida, New Hampshire and Washington to actually ban Fish Pedicures.

The best advice if you are a woman who just can’t help herself, and who simply must try out this new beauty craze, is to do as Dr. Hilary Kirkbride suggests: “If a member of the public is concerned about the level of cleanliness of a salon they visit, they should report this to their local environmental health department.”

You can also ask the management of the spa about their health practices yourself, and see if they list things like examining their clients’ feet to make sure there are no cuts, grazes or infectious skin conditions.

Then, see if they check yours for the things they mentioned. If they don’t check yours, it’s likely they don’t check others’ either!

If everything seems kosher to you…then pony up to one of these spas that offer fish pedicures and let the piranha’s baby brother, the garra rufa fish eat you alive.


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