New FDA Approved Treatment for Scorpion Stings

(C) 2011, Written by Will Blesch

Over the course of my life I have been stung by scorpions twice. Nasty little buggers! Thankfully, I was never stung by one of the 25, deadly species of scorpions known to man. Each time I was stung, I was living in the south western United States. I don’t know what the exact species was…I just know I got stung…and then the scorpion got dead.

The only deadly species that’s found in New Mexico is the Bark Scorpion…and I believe it is only found in the western part of the state.

(It also happens to be the only deadly scorpion native to North America.)

Good news for me since I lived, at the time, in the eastern portion of New Mexico. Gawd awful, ugly place. Never want to live there again.

But, I digress.

Since scorpions can be found on almost every major land mass, they pose at least some medical risk to the people that live there. That risk is mostly to the very young, the very old, or those with compromised immune systems.

I wouldn’t normally talk about scorpions, spiders or any other creepy crawly sort of thing, but the FDA just approved a new treatment for scorpion stings. Since I normally write about general and alternative health matters, I felt that this was a worthy topic for today.

The treatment is called Anascorp. It’s Manufactured by Instituto Bioclon.  Anascorp, is an injection made from the plasma of horses immunized with scorpion venom.

FDA approval is based on results from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial involving 15 children with neurological signs and scorpion stings. The injection will be distributed by Accredo Health Group, a subsidiary of Medco Health Solutions.

The interesting thing about this treatment is that it is designed specifically (to my knowledge) to deal with the stings of scorpions from the Centruroides family of scorpions of which the Bark Scorpion is a member.

ok…now that I am thoroughly creeped out just by talking about these creatures, I’m going to go do something else and try to forget about them.


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