McDonald’s and Your Kids

(C) 2011, Written by Will Blesch

Is hell freezing over?

Mickey-D’s is going to start putting fresh fruit in kids’ happy meals. While I applaud this decision on the part of the company’s executives (it’s been a long time coming), Americans should still be wary about taking their kids out to eat at this fast food giant.

With approximately 12.5 million kids in America clinically diagnosed with obesity, even McDonald’s scaled down Happy Meals, which will feature fresh fruit, a smaller portion of French fries, a hamburger and a drink, are packed with too many calories.

Just one Happy Meal will still carry more than half the calories a kid needs in any given day.

Ok, so if you starve your kids for breakfast and then given them something light for dinner, maybe you can pull it off. Personally, I think that’s kind of mean. I think feeding your children something balanced at every meal is not only healthier, it’s kinder.

(Who wants to miss a meal?)

My advice? Buy and cook healthful, whole foods at home.  Use McDonald’s as a treat that you only give your kids once in a blue, blue moon and watch yourself…and your kids…drop the pounds and become healthy.

One Comment on “McDonald’s and Your Kids”

  1. Good point made on our fast food culture Will. The other day I watched the documentray “Food Inc”. Althought they talked about things that has alraedy been well documented, for example how Chicken never see daylight and are given growth hormones to make tehm fatter quicker, they also explored why familys go for a take away meal over fresh fruit and veg. As well as the conviance, teh other main factor comes down to price. for too many people fruit and veg is too pricey comapred to a Big Mac Meal Deal. Although the programme was about people living in the USA, obesity is a big problem in the UK too. The goverment may wheel out a paper from their think tank about how our children need more excersise and a balanced diet, but it is the super markets who keep the price of fruit and veg high, while sugaery drinks and cakes contiune to be on a two for one special offer. Until we have sensible prices on the basic fruit and veg market too many weekly shopping trollies will continue to be filled with junk.

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