The FDA Goes on the Attack Against Natural Health Products

(c) 2011, written by Will Blesch

The FDA went on the attack against companies they assert are making unproven claims regarding certain products that are marketed to treat, prevent, or cure sexually transmitted diseases.

On May 3, 2011the FDA put out a consumer update on at least 30 different products made by about 12 different companies that the FDA claims are “bogus” and “Fraudulent.”

These are some big claims.

The list of products the FDA is warning against includes: ImmuneGlory, Viruxo, Disintegrate Formula, Echinacea/Golden Seal, Detox Formula, Burdock Extract, Oil of Oregano P73 Physician’s Strength, Essaic Tonic Liquid Drops, Colloidal Silver 500ppm Liquid, Gene-Eden, Herpeset, Wartrol, H-Stop Dx, H-Guard Dx, Molluscum Dx, Wart Dx,, H-Stop Dx, H-Guard Dx, Molluscum Dx, Wart Dx, Medavir, ViraBalm, Vyristic Immune Support, Medavir H-Elimination Kit, O2xygen Force (Oxygen Force/OxyForce), DMSO Cream, DMSO Roll-on, DMSO Cream w/Aloe, AlkaLif, EverCLR3, C-Cure.

But people need to ask themselves, “Is this the equivalent of The People Vs. Larry Flynt?” Whose side is the FDA on? Are they acting purely as a benign nanny to all the poor, misinformed masses? Whose interests are the FDA looking out for? Why the witch hunt and crusade against these herbal, or otherwise natural, products?

The FDA’s “expert” spokesman, Debbie Birnkrant, M.D is featured on the FDA’s website denouncing these companies. Some of the things she says of these products is the following:

“Let me be clear. These products won’t work, and…they could hurt you.”

How does she know this? How does she know they don’t work? Does she have clinical evidence to say that these products are bogus? Oh! That’s right…none of these products have undergone a double blind clinical trial.

Some, or all, of these products like the Gene-Eden product listed above, have scientific papers published for everyone to see on and elsewhere…but because the companies that manufacture these products don’t have the gigantic monetary resources of the big pharmaceutical companies…they can’t pay for double blind clinical trials.

Therefore it is illegal in theU.S.for these companies to claim that their products “treat”, “prevent”, or “cure” any disease.

It’s purely legal, and purely technical.

Some of these products may indeed be bogus, but some of them may also have real health benefits that simply haven’t been fully evaluated.

(As if the drugs made by Pfizer among others have been completely, fully, 100% evaluated and found to be “good for you.” In fact, most FDA approved drugs have horrific side-effects…but hey, they’re FDA approved and your doctor can prescribe them. Trust the FDA…they love you. Er…they love the money the big pharmaceutical companies [such as Pfizer] dish out in order to get their drugs FDA approved.)

Dr. Birnkrant continues in the video to say that, “There’s no way around it. You’ve got to go to a doctor’s office or clinic to find out if you’ve got an STD and to get treated.”

Can I just say, “No shit, Sherlock?”

Really, who is the FDA kidding? Is the public really stupid enough to think that any of the products listed as bogus are saying you DON’T need to go to a doctor to get diagnosed? Hmmm…well, the public may not be stupid, but apparently the FDA thinks they are.

Dr. Birnkrant continues: “Why? Because these diseases CAN be treated, and only healthcare providers can prescribe FDA approved medications and vaccines proven to treat and prevent STDs.”

Did you get that? She’s lying through her teeth.

For diseases such as Herpes and HPV, there is NO cure, and NO prevention through the use of drugs. There is no FDA approved drug that cures these diseases. Any treatment is designed to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease. The only proven prevention is through barrier methods such as condom use.

She’s right that only healthcare providers can prescribe FDA approved drugs to treat these diseases…but like I’ve noted elsewhere…most of these drugs have heavy duty side effects that harm the body, and these drugs are pushed heavily by the drug companies who manufacture them.

It’s all about power and money. It’s not REALLY about your health. Good health is a side effect.

Dr. Birnkrant continues, “And, some STD treatments that you can buy over the counter without a prescription have untested ingredients that could make you sicker…”

Again, “untested” means there have been no double blind clinical trials done on these particular products. Forget about any other scientific literature which has been published…just drink the FDA’s coolaid.

One of the things that just blew my mind was when she said the following, “If you’re not using an FDA approved medication, you’re not only putting your health at risk, but that of your partner.”

So…with all the side effects, and nasty things that FDA approved drugs can potentially do to a person…you’re NOT putting your health at risk? At all? Not even a little?

The author of a blog entitled “Wonder Ponder” said: “What the fuck is wrong with people? Did you really think that bottle of AIDS-Away was going to work?”

The poor darling has apparently dropped her IQ by a significant factor by thinking that everything the FDA does is really for the benefit of the general public. Of course there are products out there that make outrageous claims.

But, shouldn’t the public have the right to make choices for themselves?

Can’t consumers do some research and reading for themselves? Or does everyone need Big Brother to tell them what to think, eat, and drink?

The fact of the matter is that there are products that don’t work. The fact of the matter is that even with double blind clinical trials there are drugs approved by the FDA that only marginally work, or that work but have terrible side effects…and the fact of the matter is that some of these products deserve to have double blind clinical trials done if they could only get the money to do so.

But then, Big Pharma has a monopoly, the FDA is their mouthpiece, and they don’t want natural health and alternative medicine moving in on their territory.

Money and Power…

…The FDA has too much of it!



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