Complicit Assassin: The FDA and Your Food

Are you your own assassin?

(c) 2011, Written by Will Blesch

Flitting from shadow to shadow, the assassin sprints toward the kill. A leap! A flick of the wrist, just one exhaled breath, and Ricin dust flies into the face of the intended target. A startled gasp, an inhalation. The hired killer lands, spins on his heel and disappears into the cover of night. Frightened, the walking dead man wipes dust from his face. He flees, but death catches him 12 to 24 hours later.


Nothing the victim could have done. Ricin is a relatively quick acting poison. If the powder had come from the dust of a Nightangel, or Death Cap mushroom…death would have been much slower…around 4 – 5 days.

A bit fanciful perhaps. In reality the victim would probably have to ingest these powders rather than inhale them. Still….

An Assassin has a rather large repertoire of poisons to choose from when it comes to how they kill, and the length of time it takes for the victim to die.

Most people believe killing another person is a horrifying, evil act. Murder, whether that of an individual or en masse, is still murder. Yet most people don’t blink when they pop open a can of Diet Coke, or ingest one in a million other products that contain Aspartame, Sucralose, MSG, or a few other FDA approved chemicals.

Most don’t realize or don’t care that they’re sucking down poison.

Each of those chemicals are excitotoxins, “substances, usually amino acids, that react with specialized receptors in the brain in such a way as to lead to destruction of certain types of brain cells.”  (Dr. Russel L. Blaylock M.D.)

In fact, “a large agricultural fertilizer and pesticide company, Emerald BioAgriculture, has an MSG tainted “growth enhancer,” Auxigro, that has been used to spray on crops since the late 1990`s.” (Natural News)

“Over the last two decades, the glutamate industry has distributed material designed to convince the public that MSG is safe. Their influence has been so great that as recently as 1989, when consumers raised questions about the safety of free glutamic acid, the FDA commonly referred consumers directly to The Glutamate Association or sent them material prepared by The Glutamate Association. Present FDA practice includes distributing unsolicited copies of an FDA Medical Bulletin that assures physicians that MSG is safe; and distributing similar material to food service people.” (Accountability in Research)

That’s just MSG.

There are many more excitotoxins than just those mentioned above. It’s frightening to think that certain drug & food corporations have so much influence and power that our own government agencies become complicit in the direct poisoning of its own country’s citizens.

I would really urge people to watch what they are putting into their bodies. You should be paying attention to labels, and if at all possible, buying whole, unprocessed foods. Learn to cook for yourself, and don’t buy pre-packaged goods.

Who needs an assassin when we’ve got the FDA approving poisonous chemicals for consumption that are now everywhere in our food supply? We’re getting slowly poisoned and the horrifying thing is…we have a choice about whether we eat food containing these substances. If we do eat them, it’s exactly as if we had put out a hit on ourselves…

…and we’re willing victims.


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