Coffee: Anti-Cancer Drink Extraordinaire

Anti-Cancer fighter. Right here. Drink Me.

(c) 2011, Written by Will Blesch

Right. So I know I’m not the only coffee drinker here. Raise your hand. Come out of closet. It’s ok. There’s no judgmentalism here. I’m an addict. How about you?

Java is king.

I know it. You know it. Think about those early morning hours, you have the morning stares, you’re stumbling through the house on the way from the bed to the coffee maker. All the world is dark until you take that first, glorious sip.

Suddenly the world is new! Coffee is good news to the grumpy, energy deprived masses. It’s even better news for men. Yes. Those of us that can boast to having been born with a Y chromosome can now thank coffee for its anti-carcinogenic properties.

In a new study published in the Online version of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, scientists revealed that there is: “a strong inverse association between coffee consumption and risk of lethal prostate cancer.”

What’s that mean exactly, gents? It means, brother man, that the more coffee you drink, (more than six cups per day) you drop your risk of developing the more lethal forms of prostate cancer by up to 60%. That’s pretty groovy, and was good news to me since I drink way more than six cups per day anyway.

Woohoo! Time to get my coffee drink on.


Kathryn M. Wilson, Julie L. Kasperzyk, Jennifer R. Rider, Stacey Kenfield, Rob M. van Dam, Meir J. Stampfer, Edward Giovannucci and Lorelei A. Mucci, “Coffee Consumption and Prostate Cancer Risk and Progression in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study,” Journal of the National Cancer Institute, April 1, 2011

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